Static Websites

Website is one of the first impressions that the audience will get of your business.

Shine Ads in Static Websites

The website is a digital environment that encourages and facilitates human activity and always retains its identity. They are developing at a very high speed in the present era. Static websites are simple and they are the most basic forms of a website which is built with Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) and Cascading Style Sheet (CSS). It is written in plain HTML and what is in the code is exactly presented to the audience. We at Shine ads incorporate the latest trends on your website to make it attractive and at the same time we ensure that it is user-friendly. If you want your website to make an online presence and landing page to meet certain objectives, then the static website is the best option. We design inimitable websites at affordable which meets all your needs.

These static websites are very flexible making it the biggest advantage. Each page of a static website can be different and the developer can include special effects in different pages according to the wish of the clients. These websites also allow theming. Moreover, these websites are very less in cost compared to dynamic websites. So begin your static website for your company or business with the best web designers from Shine Ads.

Dynamic Website

Dynamic website design is actively engaged in the designing and development of database drive.


Website Redesigns

Shine Ads, has an expertise skill in Website Redesigning which facilitates the clients for new designs.


Domain & Hosting

A well-chosen domain name can boost your business in a variety of ways one of them is by increasing search engine traffic.