Search Engine Marketing

We at Shine ads write the best content which is loved by the search engine and also give the precise keywords so that your website ranks the best. We apply the best methods increase page rank and to get traffic.

Shine Ads in SEM

SEM and SEO are almost same but SEO is a part of SEM. SEM is nothing but online marketing that increases page rank and visibility. The number of traffic and visits to your webpage decides the income of your business. Keywords are an important part of Search Engine Result Page (SERP). We also take care of your keyword needs with our best keyword planner. Shine ads analyze the number of impressions that takes place for a particular keyword. We also do keyword exclusion to develop your business. Monitoring the analytics is a major part of SEM. You have nothing to worry about because Shine Ads have all your SEM needs fulfilled.

Keywords also play a great role in Pay per Click (PPC). It is a type of marketing in which we use search engine advertising to provoke clicks to the website. This does not involve organically earned clicks. This Pay per Click marketing grows your customer base and also generates lead at low costs. Our SEM experts make sure that the PPC is relevant, exhaustive and expansive. We also determine bid strategies according to your goals. We are pro in smart bidding and also CPC (Cost per Click) bidding.

Call to Action is also a part of SEM which we offer to our clients. In the call to action, we make use of phrases and words like “Call now”, “Connect with us now” and other catchy phrases to generate an immediate response from the audience. Shine Ads also ensure that you have the highest ROI (Return On Investment). Moreover, we also do Geographical targeting and demographic targeting to identify your visitors and fix your target audience.


Shine ads offer highly result in oriented SEO services with very innovative content writing services .



Shine Ads help an organization get direct feedback from customers using the way of SMM


E-mail Marketing

The email marketing from Shine Ads is an easy, affordable, scalable & reliable professional marketing campaigns.