E-mail Marketing

E-mail is the most cost-effective way of keeping your target audience up-to-date. Shine ads create the best e-mails which are authentic and honest and reach your audience.

Shine Ads in E-mail Marketing

E-mail has the ability which many other channels do not possess. They are capable creating valuable and personal touches at scale. It is said that increased frequency gives better results and if you mail once a month, you will be forgotten. Shine Ads (sender) makes sure that your emails reach the right audience (receiver) at proper intervals of time. Companies which do e-mail marketing have an estimated overall return on investment at 119%. The main challenge of E-mail marketing is getting whitelisted which means that the e-mail hits the inbox and not the spam box. We also conduct e-mail campaigns to promote your brand or business.

Shine ads have all these sorted out with our team of experts. E-mails are still an important part of marketing. Shine Ads use the best in class e-mail marketing tools like Litmus, Mail Chimp, Target Hero, Reach Mail, Cake Mail and much more. We have a variety e-mail template which you can use for your business. We add Call to Action or action button to the e-mails if it is required for your business. We also do advertising through e-mails. Tie up with Shine ads to get all your e-mails into the inbox.